Deliver Me from Internet Computer Clean-Up

Back in July, I hired a company called Zoom Support/Knightsbridge which allegedly had quite outstanding credentials in cleaning up Mac computers.They serviced me in July and the computer was going well. Now it is time for the next quarter clean-up, they had started it last night, and evidentially never completed it.

Nice, eh?

Now I get a call this morning that they need to finish it, and SURPRISE! My computer can not access any of their sights.Big shocker.

Once I get through this, I think I will see if I can get in with Jim under our Geek Squad plan,Stay far away, if you are in the need, from Zoom Support, It’s not worth the effort and aggravation.


Nothing like moving into a mustard room, post vacation,and it’s just too much.

Bad enough my spirits are smashed, now I lose my window on the world and the ferry . I am stuck in a cracker box of a room with yentas who don’t freaking shut up. The good part it I found an extension  cord over by this desk I got,so I can plug my kindle in. I don’t, however, have a cord for my phone,so I have to work on that.

All I have to say is “aargh ”


Rough to Exercise

I had my flip fitness exercise class tonite.

Even though the weather kept some gals away, there were enough of us to keep moving for a while.
It felt good to be able to do so, even though I was a little more pensive than I normally would have been. I found that the physical activity lets your mind work on a few things too!I walked into the class with the world on my shoulders, but when I left, the world wasn’t quite as heavy.

Hold a good thought for yours truly .I could use them right now.


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