I am watching the Decades channel.

It is a “free” station, and it is pretty good,from a historical student such as me.For instance, right now, they are showing a Dick Cavett interview from the seventies with Brian De Palma and Martin Scorcese.To have to award-winning directors on one show with a quick-witted guy has been a highlight for my day.


It strikes me as incredible, once again, for all the money that we spend on Comcast, I find some marvelous programming on the “free”channels.

Go figure.

Comcast yet again.

Now that we are down here at the Undisclosed location, we are trying to unpack and set things up.

Jim had his computer up and running all last week and today. As of 4PM EST, all of his emails,and there were many, have disappeared from his computer.We did nothing on this end, so as he is on the phone with them ,I can only SMH at a business who does this on a weekly basis. I mean, really? Xfinity should stand for where there service is set at-Xfinity: they’ll ship your email, your signal, anything that we foolish have paid them for to a service far, far away.Now I hear the girl telling him he’s going to have to wait two days. I feel for his frustration for a lot of his emails for work are in there and now they are gone.I guess Comcast doesn’t care about lost files, lost spreadsheets, or anything people need for life.

Oh, I am wrong.

They just care about taking the money and running.

Comcast strikes again

Knowing that retirement was in our immediate future, I canceled Comcast service in the city effective January 3rd.

Our bill came in the mail.Cancel? Us? Obviously not, since we received a bill at full price. What part of discontinue my service don’t you understand Comcast?You gave me directions on how to take the modems to a UPS store to get them to you?

Now my body is aching from moving prep and I am on wait for a customer service representative for Comcast for at least 10 minutes.


Someone wake me when it’s time to go to bed, ok?

Comcast…X-finity….One hamster or Deux?

Jim and I are in one house.

We had cable on.

I was trying to write a blog post and Jim was trying to get his work together for tomorrow.You would think we were watching paint dry or watching the turtle races, So freaking slow.

Once again, the only difference between X-finity and Comcast is the amount of hamsters spinning their wheels.

The secret of the disappearing email

My post regarding Comcast caught the eye of someone who works there.

Aha! Someone will help?


Someone who looked into the status and said it’ll be another 24-48 hours, and if we don’t hear anything, email this person back and it’ll get check again for status…uh, the problem is Jim’s Comcast email program has magically disappeared….did someone push the wrong button at Xfinity?And we are to wait another 24-48 hours? On top of the 12 he has already spent? Will we be reimbursed for the lack of service? HA.


Disappearing email since the morning of November 6th, today is the 10th, and another 24-48hours?

I don’t care if it is Comcast or Xfinity or whoever.

What a horrible state of helping the consumer. They are so quick to cash a check into the account to have the bill paid and yet the service is like their old commercial with the turtles in it.


Beautiful morning…


…if you don’t mind some humidity and early summer heat. Fortunately it is due to rain tonight into tomorrow to, hopefully,cool things down a little.

The shot gave me a decent nights’ sleep,and thanks to Comcast living up to its’ crappy reputation, our modem was down this morning so I took the girls out solo while Jim wrangled with the internet. Our walk was pleasant,though, and we enjoyed the sights and smells of a late spring morning. The picture above is a rose we walked past and I stopped to admire.

Stay cool!