That Time of Year

My neighbor is holding her annual holiday party this Saturday.It also coincides with my nephew Greg’s visit,so he’ll be coming with us. It actually is a fun party.

The only problem was I usually time my gift to my immediate neighbors with her party. I had to stop and actually get myself together today and make my homemade chocolate covered pretzels, pretzel joy and broken chocolate bark.


I was going to post this last night, but didn’t realize an Apple update would make it puzzling for me to do.Thanks God for Apple: I can honestly say their tech support never let me down. It may be 24 hours later, but here’s the post, complete with a shot of one of the Utz canisters.

The girls went out with me and in the freezing cold, and we gave all but one of the neighbor gifts out and now we are done. Warm and safe like bugs in a rug.

Good night!


Molasses Paddle Battle-Part Deux

We actually went for a later Mass today as our favorite priest, Father Edward Fitzpatrick, has his retirement Mass today.

This allowed me to kill some time on the Washington Street Mall and go down to James/Fralinger salt water taffy.I was so enamored of the one I had last weekend at Douglass Candies’ in Wildwood, I figured I’d try a competitor out for size.

Hah! Size matters to Douglass, but obviously not the James/Fralinger molasses paddles.For all purposes you could have bit into and eaten a whole James/ Fralinger one while still chewing your first bite of your Douglass’ molasses paddle.The competition has a quick dip in a dark chocolate coating, whereas Douglass’ paddle came out like it went into a dark chocolate spa.

So there you have it, my friends-if you want low-calorie and mediocre dark chocolate dip, satisfy yourself with the competition.

Me? Only Douglass molasses paddles will do the trick!


My own combo

So Jim, aka Mr.Juice, wasn’t interested in one this morning,so I made mine last night.

This morning, I am enjoying the combo of kale, spinach,celery, strawberry, mango and blueberry, made with the press of my own little finger…lol. I can actually say I am enjoying it. Jim tends to be a little heavier on the greens than I am but I figure in order for me to drink it, well, it better be palatable.I think Jim gets a little annoyed, although he has been know to chuckle, when some of the juices he gives me make me turn toward him after first sip, and pronounce-needs vodka!

My other go to is Stoneyfield’s organic fat-free chocolate yogurt.I put it in my freezer and as it defrosted, I eat it.Not a Hershey bar, but it does scratch the itch.



After dinner tonite, I started baking some double chocolate brownies for Shingleman to bring to work. Just as pure accident, I came across the movie “Heat” with Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro.

I never was into cop/gangster movies. I was a late bloomer to Pacino and DeNiro, and I have come to appreciate them both. Maybe like a maturing fine wine, you have to be of a certain age….I don’t know.

Either way, making brownies was a delight!


Trick or?

Everything about Halloween has me feeling my age, and then some.

We had a good amount of trick or treaters for a Wednesday after a hurricane.All the candy and chocolate were blown out by 7:30 pm.

It was weird, though: I saw the passing of time via costume. Sure, there were new youngsters starting out but the children who I have watched grow up, well, boy, have the costumes changed with their ages.

Maybe it was the 60’s and 70’s in me saw a more simplistic costume. Some of the stuff I saw tonite? Gee, if it’s not MTV, it was vampires and goths. My faith was restored when I saw one Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and a cowardly lion.

It made it feel like Halloween- old school!

Another Friday Five

With this being a really, really rough week for me, I had to dig deep for this week’s five things I am thankful for.

1. In thinking back to Mom’s last four years, I am thankful I still have my mind, although I know there are friends of mine who would argue that fact…lol. Watching someone you love and care about slip into dementia is a horrible thing. I thank God for every day that I can sit at this computer and put thoughts together in my head and they make it out to the screen in front of me.

2.I am thankful for (almost) all the men in my life, past and present. Shingleman leads the way, but my brother Bob, nephews Matt and Greg,” Mr.Mel”, my honorary father-in-law,JP, who became a friend from the moment I met him professionally but look forward to holding our friendship as we get a little older, Jamie Moyer, who although he is in Colorado, I had the pleasure of talking to him once on a corner in Center City and he really, really put class in the definition of athlete, and the guys I have loved and lost, or they have loved  and lost me….either way, I am wiser and stronger person for having the experience of knowing them, …I could go on and on…you get my drift, right?

3. I am thankful that I have a clean, made bed upstairs waiting for me to go to sleep in. Some folks don’t.

4. I am thankful for you all who read this blog: it is so uplifting to know someone is actually reading this and so far, almost all of you seem to think this is pretty good sometimes and I am not totally losing my mind yet….just kidding.

5.Butter krak and butter creme, hell, even coconut creme Easter eggs…after all, doesn’t chocolate solve all the worlds problems?  😉


Have a wonderful weekend!


Happy St. Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s day!

Zush and Kasia had a good morning walk with their Mom. Kasia is out front standing guard and Zush is hanging with Mom until she leaves for work. I am savoring a good cup of coffee, and getting ready to leave.

If you are your own valentine, or have someone as a valentine- no matter what, savor the day! I even got my valentine some chocolate.( not that Jim will eat it around me)….

Enjoy the day!

…and if you happen to have a birthday today, like my friend Duch, more so the better.


Food Network Magazine, are you KIDDING me?

Oh yeah, dinners under 500 calories…great article for me, right? After all, I subscribe to their magazine….you know, the one that is screaming “The Chocolate Issue”!!!!

  • 50 Brownie recipes
  • chocolate chip cookies, chewy, crispy and more
  • win chocolate for a year
  • and, least I forget, chocolate covered EVERYTHING( like bacon,complete with a picture of chocolate covered bacon)…..

Now, I know I am a big girl and everything and you are not a light recipe magazine ( I mean, come on now, the new darling of the diabetics, Paula Deen and her Mile High Pie on the cover), but can’t there be a happy medium somewhere?

Just sayin’….