Tomorrow is 11….

Eleven more days of school for my school kids,and for me.

Will I miss it? Absolutely! I am hoping that I will be able to be assigned to the same class again, or at least the same school. The experiences I have had working with the autistic and Aspergers students have really been an experience. I love it.I feel as though I am making a useful application to my life.

Don’t get me wrong:I am going to savor every second of the summer.Truly I am. But I actually admit that I’m looking forward to September.

Juice of a few Flowers

It is a new end for my week-my work week.

I started my new career this week. I am a class aide for autistic boys in kindergarten.It is quite a rewarding job, and although it’s been a while since I dealt  with young boys ,it brings back the memories.

It makes me sad the the difference in education is down to dollars. Teachers and aides going to buy things for the classroom with what little money they have.

Anyhow, it’s a new day for me: I can only hope it turns out well for everyone!