25 Years Ago Today

If you have followed this blog with any regularity, you know I have an interest in the story of the Halloween gale of 1991.This is the storm that took the lives of many in the Northeast part of the country, including the crew of the Andrea Gail, a swordfish boat out of Gloucester ,Massachusetts.

Ironic that Jim and I went for a quick dinner to the Lobster House in Cape May. You really get a sense, since being down here, of the lives of commercial fishermen. Our neighbor, Nate,commercial scalloper, is gone out to sea a lot. We look out for him, and pray for his safe return.

So with today being the twenty-fifth anniversary of the sinking of the Andrea Gail, let’s all be mindful of “they who go down to the Sea in ships”…and keep a good thought to all who risk their lives to bring food to our table.

My Halloween Storm Sea Stories

“For all those who go down to sea in ships.”…

This time of the year, when I put the girls out with me for a walk, I usually listen to a book on tape: this time of the year? No brained-“The Perfect Storm.”

Hurricane Patricia, which just hit Mexico as a catagory 5, had 880mb – I think hurricane Grace, back in 1991,was close to it, but not quite.

Anyhow, down here in “Amity”,as I like to call it, there are men and women here who do this for a living.As you get to know them and talk to them, you hear their stories and some of them are quite scary .

Listening to Sebastian Junger’s work makes you feel the angst of the waiting families, the consternation of town members who know  the reputation of the boat’s owner,and the prayers and dread of those stuck at sea.

It has given given me a genuine appreciation of all they do, so this week, as I do every year, I will be remembering the crew of the Andrea Gail.