Ghosts of Skating Past

With Jim out this afternoon, I got a chance to watch something I really haven’t had to watch in ten years: figure skating.

Watching Frank Carroll, as the coach for Gracie Gold brought a ton of memories back to me. I actually remember listening on the car radio to the audio of ABC network broadcasting to the 1992 Olympic preliminary rounds of ice dancing! For how many years I wondered why Dick Button hid his top teeth behind his lip when he talked and how Scotty Hamilton kept a straight face when he talked to him.

I remember the Battle of the Brians in Calgary in 1988,and watching the skating today, one of the Canadian skaters has Brian Orser as her coach!I have to admit, though, that it’s going to take something to get me up to speed on the new scoring system.

Time marches on, I guess.




I finally figured out why I like Law and Order Criminal Intent.


Part of the NBC Sunday night mysteries in the early seventies, the Columbo series, starring Peter Falk, later was picked up by ABC for a bit, and then was cancelled.

We just sat and watched an episode of Columbo,and Blythe Danner was one of the stars of the episode.For anyone not familiar with her, she is now known for her osteoporosis commercials and being Gwyneth Paltrow’s mother.

Anyway, the similarities between Columbo and Law and Order Criminal Intent are what struck me. The nuances in the plots are enough to make anyone’s grey cells work. Good story line, excellent acting…they just don’t make them like that anymore.