“Everything’s Archie”

Being a child of the 60’s, I grew up with Archie, Veronica, Betty, Jughead and the rest of Riverdale high school.

So when the Duke and Duchess added to their family on Monday, which just happens to be Jim’s birthday, I was happy for them.


While I was at school today, someone announced that they named the baby. No one in school knew the name, but eventually we heard “Archie”. As most of us in the teachers’ lounge are of the same era, we simultaneously said,” as in Jughead.


I was always a follower of the royal family. When I heard ” Archie” as the name, I thought of Jean Stapleton in ” All in the Family”, calling out for her husband.


I notice there is no placement of Lord or Viscount in front of his name. Oh, I can’t help but wonder how this name will play out in his future.

As Meghan is from California, I was waiting for “Prince Moonbeam.”😂

Stay tuned.



Go a”weigh” Mr.Cough


I had to make time to sit tonight and write this post out. Jeez, I have been busy.

Knowing it is May and the semester is almost over, I have been working pretty steadily, thank goodness. I actually subbed for a Spanish teacher and subbed a gym class. Who’d of ‘thunk” it? Eighteen and a half pounds lighter, they ask me to sub a gym class and I said,”why not!”

I find it amazing that I have found a little more confidence in myself that I’ve had of late. I am fortunate to be in a position where I am appreciated for working, my students call out to me in greeting which I never had in my previous position. It is truly a novel experience for me.

Incentive to keep losing the weight? You bet I have it. I would have never handled a forty minute gym period before. Now, I am in there with the kids, and they are cool with that.

The major problem? TIME!

I come home from school EXHAUSTED. Remember that I have gone from pre-kindergarten to sixth grade in no time flat. Kasia deserves her time out, and she needs to be fed. If I have nothing for Jim for work, I have to come up with something so he can eat at work the next day. If I am at school, I need a lunch for me and also something for dinner. As I type this, I have clothes in the washer, as Jim needs a clean uniform shirt and they only gave him two. I try to sit and discipline myself to write the blog, but I need a shower and dinner and bed.

It’s good being tired, but this lingering cough is making me miserable. I know I need to be in touch with my physician, but those of you who are in school know making a personal call is frowned upon. In the meantime, I have stocked up with sugar free cough drops. I know my lungs need to be clearer and this tree pollen is just making my wheeze more pronounced. Perhaps I can squeeze a call in on Thursday. I NEED to make that call on Thursday.

This cough has got to go a”weigh”.