First Man

In order to actually eat out and catch a film before the coming Nor’easter, Jim took me out tonite to try to cheer me up. We saw the movie ” The First Man”.

It starred Ryan Gossling and Clare Foy. I became a fan of Clare’s by following her excellent two seasons starring as Queen Elizabeth II in the Netflix series ” The Crown.”

Let it be said I have seen all the NASA/ Apollo movies. This one, with Dolby sound 7.0, was trying to be realistic with the blaring sounds of blast-off in the capsule, to the pin drop quiet of space.

The story follows Neil Armstrong from his engineering roots to his return from the moon. Clare Foy needs an Oscar nod for her outstanding role of Janet Armstrong, wife, strong single parent for a husband always either distracted or never home.

Coming home, it gave me a different perspective on the picture below.


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58 year old married female, care-giving, loving former government employee who is writing to try to keep her sanity.

2 thoughts on “First Man”

  1. Yep – astronauts were heroes, movie stars, and sometimes terrible husbands & dads. We worked with Schweickart’s son at Ball. He was quiet and wouldn’t say much about his dad. I suspect his father was MIA a lot…
    We’re looking forward to seeing the movie.

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