Summer is Here in Spades

It is funny when you work in school during the school year, and figure out you’ll make your doctor appointments while you are off. What they fail to inform you is that there’s a general practitioner appointment, blood work, then one specialist after another to have a check up.It feels as though all our time is spent in the car riding up the Garden State Parkway, and going in, registering, and joining the huddled masses sitting there waiting for your name to be called.

There is even bigger pressure on me these next fifteen months, as it is the end of my medical insurance from my employer.I have to start researching to see if I can find a lower COBRA rate for me or if Jim and I will stick with what we have. As he will be Medicare eligible in May, his part of my insurance coverages turns into his Plan B.

I guess I am really fortunate to keep on top of the months, so I know what we have to do. But, God, it’s almost five years that I have been retired.

As the late Richie Ashburn, Phillies sportscaster would say….”Hard to believe, Harry, hard to believe.”