Cell Towers

I have been watching a lot of Dateline while I am home sick. Usually these things deal with incidents that end up with trials.

One thing they have been talking a lot about was cell phone towers.When I was on my last jury duty in the city in 2014, I learned all about the tracking of cell phones and pinging of towers. It is incredible what people think they can get away with, and yet they keep the victim’s cell phone and pretend they are still alive.

One clear incidence of this was in the Drew Peterson murder case.He gave his stepbrother his cell phone with instructions not to answer it, and when it did ring, it rang showing Stacy Peterson as calling, and he knew it was her husband and not her.

You really don’t want to learn about things like this, but when you do, it gives you insight to the human psyche.

Scary, isn’t it?


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