Does Alex Trebek Know?

For me,fourth grade was pretty good.
I liked my teacher, Miss Anne, and seemed to learn a lot.
I started working fourth grade this term and was introduced to something new.

For science class, each classroom has pet crayfish and they are learning about their life cycles and body composition.Oh, don’t get me wrong-they are also learning other things in science,too. I was more astounded by what one teacher used as a teaching tool for her class.

I’ll give you a hint-the answer must be given in the form of a question.

That’s right…JEOPARDY.

If there is anything to make you feel your age is watching 9 year olds playing science Jeopardy and while you are watching them, you let your mind drift back to the time that Art Flemming, not Alex Trebek, was the host.

Crustaceans for $100, anyone?