The Eyes Have It

Since my cataract surgery on my eyes, I have rediscovered an old friend.

I am reading again. It’s a pleasure I sorely missed. It is funny how much you can enjoy something you really wondered if you’d be doing again. Cataracts are a scary thing.

I liked the series “The Crown” and really got into the story of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. What really intrigued me was the Nazi tie into the Windsors. When my vision came clearly after surgery, I bought a few of the books from Amazon. I really enjoyed the new book by Andrew Morton.

I find it funny that through all my years of education and, particularly, my years studying history, I never knew of the tie between the Windsors and Hitler. For someone who always considered herself as well-versed in British history, the timing was right for me, after enjoying “The Crown”, to find these books.

I guess timing is everything…*** chuckling***