Total Recall

I am the first to admit: I have been trying to wean myself off of Facebook and only view it sporadically. Here is one of the reasons why I still check in.

My buddies tell me there’s websites to check, but I usually catch dog food and dog treat recalls on Facebook. The fact that they exist break my heart. I love both my girls forever and try to be careful with whatever they ate.

Normally I’d make breakfast, because usually I’d choose that meal to fold any needed medication into: quite simply, it was the easiest to work with. Any treats or other meals of the day were closely scrutinized. I really know people can’t all do what I do, but maybe dog owners can do one thing- COMPLAIN!

For the price of a postcard; or even an email, you can contact the conglomerates that put this so-called dog food on the market, and let them know they need to do better: our pets, our four-legged families deserve better.