Happy St. Valentine’s Day

It’s St. Valentine’s day and I am hoping all of you had a wonderful day and great evening. Kasia and I are here and we are a little tired, as the weather was pretty good today, so we gals did over a mile walking today.

Jim has to work tonight but we will make up St.Valentine’s day on his day off.Technically,though, every day is St.Valentine’s day when you are married.

Uphill Skiing

During the current Olympics, I pretty much followed a lot of the sports. My favorites have been ice skating and dancing, luge and cross-country skiing. Should I say cross-country skiing?…..

I have been following Winter Olympics since 1976. While watching these games, I was astonished to see the incline of the hills these cross-country skiers have to go up.


I know some cross- country skiers, obviously, not Olympians, but they would talk about the routes they take.


Whoa! I am impressed!