It’s time….

Windows have kindergarten Eagle artwork hanging on them. I have the green lights around Zush’s picture on.

We have our meal and snacks lined up, and we are happily watching the show at home.

I have my hand ready to go over my eyes just in case and am hoping I won’t have to use them. I have my green pants on, green tee shirt and green hoodie on.

I am drink lime seltzer, green naturally, from a can in my Eagles can cozy.

Seventy minutes left!

Let’s go birds!

Here an Eagle, There an Eagle…

….I had kindergarten two days last week, and there were Eagles 🦅 everywhere.

Sure. There was a classroom.

But in addition to little ones in Eagle shirts, hats and scaves; each class made their own handmade Eagles hat. To give credit, the back part of the hat had the groundhog on it. The air was buzzing with electricity, and it was hard to believe you weren’t in Philadelphia.

This was the highlight of the day.