Off to Work I go

Well, the first holiday is over, and Christmas is around the corner.

I am back to work tomorrow, and this is it for me until I get the all clear from the ophthalmologist. I have learned in little time, that children, especially small ones, are germ magnets. I want nothing to find its’ way into me to mess up my healing from the cataracts. When I had gone to my appointment with the ophthalmologist, I thought I had been perking a case of pink eye, but instead it was another type of infection in my left eye. I am taking drops and warm compresses so it will be clear for surgery on December 19th. I had one big pink eye bout when I first started and I try to avoid it if I can. Those of you who work with little ones know the runny nose-no tissue situation, so you get up, go get tissues, and hand them to the student. You can go and put anti-bacterial gel you want, if the germs were meant for you, well, what can I say?