Missing In Action

I apologize if anyone has missed me for the last few posts. Pre-operative preparation has kept me hopping!

My Christmas cactus opened in time for an early Thanksgiving showing. Taking a cue from looking at it, I decided that purple was my color of the day.This morning I picked two varied shades of purple shirts to layer for myself in the wind. When I was getting dressed, I reflected on how far I have come in the colors of my wardrobe .

For the longest time, if you looked in my closet, you’d see blue and green, and that was pretty much it. For me, green was the calming colors of Christmas trees and leafy forests. Blue was the color of some of the oceans I had come across n my travels, and the color of my natural birthstone, which is turquoise. Let’s not forget the sky.

With the step into my 50’s, suddenly I decided I liked plum and shades of purple. Keep in mind it wasn’t pretending to be born to the royals with that move. It was funny how many compliments I got while wearing those shades of purple. I figured I looked pretty decent.

Guess it isn’t too late for this old gal to learn a few tricks!