Lessons I’ve Learned

I’ve always been taught that patience is a virtue.

If you have read my posts with any regularity, you’ll remember my trials and tribulations with the initial trying of raising Gerber daisies; they were something I always liked but never planted.

Sure, they were gorgeous when I first got them, but  I really flew by the seat of  my pants dealing with these beauties. I coaxed them lovingly through summer’s heat, and made sure they got watered. I kept faith and after a while of looking at what I like to call Gerber lettuce, and as a reward, got a ton of new blooms. 

Who knew?

Now , the sad part is I cut some blooms down and put them in a glass on my counter. Temperature is due to go to 21 degrees tomorrow, so I figured I might as well enjoy them.

Can’t wait to try for next year.