Hitting the Fan

This week starts 3 weeks of stomach knot tying worry.

If you’ve had a medical cancer history, you know what I mean. You have to go to the hospital for procedures that you don’t necessarily want :it  is something you don’t want to get but if you have a history you need to have them done. Even if you’ve had no symptoms it’s still gives you something to worry about because if they do find something they always have to biopsy it and that makes you sweat things out just a little bit longer

It’s not so bad when you approach things the way you prior doctor told you to look at things. When you establish with a new physician though they don’t care what your prior doctor told you they feel you should be doing things their way .You are their new patient.

When you were done with one doctor and one procedure and sweating out the results from that lo and behold you have a two or three day respite and then medical procedure number two comes down the pike. Nothing like getting all this done before school starts. Add in the fact that I have been working a couple days a week and it kind of makes for a really busy stretch of time. I am hoping that once I get through this prayerfully I’ll have good results and things can get back to some semblance of normalcy.

Please hold a good thought for me this week because I certainly could use it and if I’m not blogging  as much it’s because I’m indisposed :hopefully I will be back on the ball later on the week.


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Sixty two year old married female, care-giving, coffee-drinking.dog loving former government employee who is writing to try to keep her sanity.

6 thoughts on “Hitting the Fan”

  1. Prayers for you my love! I understand cause my sister goes through it too! Hope all goes well for you and try to stay positive and take each day as it comes… my sister vents to me all the time and I’m always here for her…❤️Feel free to vent anytime! I’m a good listener…😉😘

  2. Of course you know you are always in my practice. I really haven’t been spreading this news too much but I wanted to let you know that Kathy’s son Jimmy was diagnosed with luekiemia about a month ago. . He is the one a little older than Betsy. Was in hip. He got out Wednesday After over a month. He goesack this Wednesday and if everything is what it should be they will set up his schedule for outpatient chemo. Please keep him in your prayers. He has been married less than 2 yrs. and has a 1 yr old little girl. Also. About 6 mos ago bought a house up here. Who knows the routine better than you.

    1. Oh Jeanne, the grass is always greener… thanks for keeping things in perspective for me. Of course, I’ll be praying for him…it’s no fun, and so sad especially with the baby. Love always, Jeanne ❤️

  3. Never meant to make your situation any less important. It certainly isn’t. You have been fighting this fight so long. ITotally. Selfish on my part. Just felt I had to tell someone who would understand and care. oxOxox

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