The Post I Never Wanted to Write

Yesterday,in the late afternoon, Zush was running out in the yard and had a serious fall.

At 15 1/2, she was confused and fell off the handicapped ramp. It kills me, because she was running out to greet me. She ate last night and pottied, but today is not too good.

Please send some good karma and/or prayers out to Kasia’s big sister.

I’m either hoping for a miracle or a smooth transition for her. She deserves no less.

My heart is breaking.

A Bird By Any Other Name….

Part of my husband’s last name’s reminds you and sounds like bird. As part of the name or bloodline, Jim loves eagles: especially the ones around here.

The first time Jim took me to see the “Eagle”, ( and Philadelphia friends, I don’t mean the Wanamaker eagle), basically this nest was all I saw.

We were out today, and Jim asked me if I want to see the eagle, and off we went.

We found Momma and her baby up in the nest!

I know this last shot loses a little because I enlarged it from my phone.  It was a sight, I will never forget. 

Absolutely awesome!