For the last couple of months I have been back to work part-time.

Here is the reason I am part-time.

I found one of the schools whose hours allows us for continual, with maybe a 10 minute tops absence, from Zush. I get to go in the morning until 1:45PM, which is the end of the school day, and then Jim’s hours leave me watching my Zusher, with help from Kasia, until he gets home.

There are three other schools that send me requests if I’d be available for work. They just don’t coincide with Zush care. There you have it.They say God works in mysterious ways and if this is how I get to make sure my girl is ok, then so be it.

I am blessed that I am in a position to be able to do this, because the Zusher deserves no less. Dementia, be it human or canine, is a mean disease. Taking care of my girl, as I did my Mom, is the right thing to do.