Remember my last post of anything for four hours straight sleep?


Here I am at ten to three in the morning.I am due to get up in three hours. You do the math.

I have to work today and am taking the same roster I had yesterday, which means I am teaching 6th grade math review for four consecutive periods. Somewhere in heaven, my eighth grade nun, Sister Maria Denise, is laughing her ass off. How she gave girls in my grade a tough time in math. The joy was roughly fifteen years later, when I met her in the company of my parents and informed her I was a tax assessor and I managed to learn my math pretty well, no thanks to her.

It was good being back to work and the kicker for today is that they let me know it is dress down day, so I get to wear jeans,,,whoo-hoo!

Have a good Friday and a great weekend.