Alexandra was my only niece. I loved her to pieces, but I think even she knew I was better with the nephews and her brother. I mean, I got to the point where I could play with Fisher-Price toys, Matchbox, Hot Wheels, Thomas the Tank Engine…you get my drift. Alyx was an Madame Alexander doll girl, and I was Little Kiddles, back in the day. Yet, we still loved each other and hello Kitty.

Today, Alyx would be 38 years old.

Here is a picture of us circa 1994. We are standing in my parent’s front yard. This was always my favorite picture of the both of us together. It is bittersweet, as I was in my first cancer during this time and I would lose my sweet Alyx 3 years later to a mid-brain tumor. It was, kind of, the end of our golden age.

My Dad passed away the year after Alyx, and Mom in 2012. I know Alexandra is up there is good company.

I miss them all.

Things I am Learning Now from Zush

It was a dreary morning here at the bay. Remembering my Mom and her dementia, I tend to keep the shades down, as I know that light plays a factor on sundowning.

By noontime today, the sun came out. The sun normally would deter the sundowning , thus the term “sundowning “. The sun didn’t help deter Zush’s vocal cries. I have learned a new trick to help her out. I get her out, and either walk her or just hang in the yard with her. Like being with a human, the action taken seems to make things smooth over. It’s like the one-on-one time makes her more at ease, which, in turn, rubs off on me!

Learning something new every day, thanks to my friend Zush. She always brings love to the day.