They Call The Wind “Ridiculous”

Living in a major metropolitan area, you get used to the weather you lived in. 

When you worked in Center City, the streets were surrounded by large buildings and skyscrapers. When the wind blew, you had the buildings funneling the winds to make them pretty extreme…or so I thought.

We are down here working on our second year at the bay. We are not bayfront, thank God. I hate to think of how the winds sound there. I know for the best part of the past two days, it was as if the wind doesn’t even stop to take a breath.


I  am laying in bed, and you would think that I was standing out at the bay- that is how fierce the winds are blowing. They say this is a Nor’easter, and with the rain and wind are pretty much seconding that thought.

Me? I am grateful for a roof over our heads and flannel sheets to hide under.