They say time heals all wounds.

Yeah, right.**read heavy sarcasm here**

Tomorrow is five years that my Mom passed away. There isn’t a day that I don’t miss her. This is my favorite picture of Zosia and Mom. My Dad passed in 1998. The same goes for Dad: there isn’t a day that he isn’t in my thoughts. I always remember how they would tell me about when they would no longer be here but how they would always be with me.

Somehow, it would be nice just to hug them.


Respect for Elders

It’s been a rainy, gloomy day here, and I think the only one without any aches is Kasia. You see this picture of Zush I just posted. She’s laying on rugs by the windows. In the meantime, I am sitting in a chair with a heating pad on my lower back.

And Princess Kasia, you ask?

Here she is on her sister’s bed. Zush and I just kind of looked at her and sighed.

Damn kids today…lol