The Young Pope

I have to admit I don’t get excited for many shows on television. When I saw this coming to HBO, I really found my curiosity raised.

It turns out Jude Law is the first American Pope elected..I won’t blow any story lines or plots. There is something about the ad for the show that shows the Pope smoking a cigarette. Erstwhile Catholic girl of the 60’s, it really caught my eye. There is also something about Diane Keaton as a nun. Seriously? I never had any nun that had the humor of Diane Keaton: not that my grades would have been helped by Diane Keaton.

I am currently watching the Green Bay Packers-Dallas Cowboys football game, and HBO is advertising that “The Young Pope” starts at 9 PM.

I’ll be watching!


If You Can’t Say Anything Nice About Anyone…..

I have read some blogs where people vent about siblings or children or spouses, and usually just figured that they were blowing off steam. When people do this, sometimes, they don’t realize how ridiculous they come off.

I really could use a good venting session right now, really I could.


Instead of that, I’ll insert the picture of the Cape May Lighthouse and meditate on the water.

Have a good night.