I don’t know if it’s because she had no weekend walks with me, Saturday morning notwithstanding, or what. I had the girls out this morning for their walk.

Normally, I call the shots, but most of the time I bow to Zush. She is old, like me, and I know that we really can’t walk like we used to. 

Until this morning….

Zush led the way and seemed adamant about it. She wanted to go to the bay. So we went, albeit slowly, but we went. Maybe it was that the rain passed and it was 46 degrees. Zush was raring to go. And now???

I love both the girls, but my Zush is my ❤️!

We’re Ba-a-ck!

I just couldn’t take it.

I would get”the look” from my girls, so I looked out and saw the street was clearing a bit. Off we went for a walk!

We walked down to Delaware Bay and my suspicion was confirmed. The rain is on the way! My scars are seldom wrong.

It’s January in Jersey.