Just Singing in theRain

So after breakfast today, Greg and I took the girls for a walk. It was teeming rain, but you know that when a girl has to go….

So now we are back resting at the house. We need to go to Mass tonight and get ready for our neighbors’ Christmas party tonight.

After all, you must look your best for the party!

Going Up

So when you think things are really low, little surprises pop up to change your day.

My nephew Greg is here for a much anticipated visit. It actually is nice to have my family here for once. We played Monopoly and went walking with the girls.

When we had come in, there were some parcels delivered.One was an early gift from my friend Duch. It was something to help me keep things in perspective-a red baseball hat with a dog on it and it says “Tail Therapy.”

Then I got two great cards from my bud Juls- one for my birthday which was so lovely and a barking card for Christmas! It was nice to feel loved.

Appreciation is highly underrated.