That Time of Year

My neighbor is holding her annual holiday party this Saturday.It also coincides with my nephew Greg’s visit,so he’ll be coming with us. It actually is a fun party.

The only problem was I usually time my gift to my immediate neighbors with her party. I had to stop and actually get myself together today and make my homemade chocolate covered pretzels, pretzel joy and broken chocolate bark.


I was going to post this last night, but didn’t realize an Apple update would make it puzzling for me to do.Thanks God for Apple: I can honestly say their tech support never let me down. It may be 24 hours later, but here’s the post, complete with a shot of one of the Utz canisters.

The girls went out with me and in the freezing cold, and we gave all but one of the neighbor gifts out and now we are done. Warm and safe like bugs in a rug.

Good night!