Roger,Friendship 7

I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s , and if we were in class when any space craft was due to launch, chances were good that the nun or teacher has a black and white television in our classroom so we could watch it.

Honestly, I knew it was an event of historical standing, but, growing up, spaceships really didn’t rock my world.

Then,as an adult, I saw the movie,” The Right Stuff.”

This epic saga somehow held my attention and since then, I have read and viewed anything I could get my hands on.Be they documentaries on You-Tube or Netflix, or books by James Lovell on Apollo 13, I devoured it.

On February 20,1962, John Glenn, in his spacecraft Friendship 7, beat the flights made by Alan Shepherd and Gus Grissom by orbiting the globe.He was later, at age 77,back in space to read the Space Shuttle.

Now, at age 95, John Glenn has gotten the ok from the Eternal Mission Control for endless heavenly orbits.

Godspeed, John Glenn, and thank you!


Road Trip

We’re up too early this morning, part from aches and pains, and part from our trip up the road for my Orthopaedic appointment.

I’m sure that I’d love to be done with physical therapy, but of course, that’ll be the doctor’s call.It’s kind of infuriating in that we have a gym in our back yard, and at this point, the exercises can be done on steps and basic equipment.

We are going, probably, to take the gals with us,so this way we all get a new view.Although it is starting to get as cold as it should be for early December, sometimes you need a change of view.

Hopefully, we’ll get good news from the doctor to get us back home and warm quick’