Old Girl’s November

My middle godson, Matthias, just turned 29 years old, and his brother turns 27 next month. My oldest godson, Mike, turns 40 on Black Friday.FORTY.I was 16 when he was born.

Where did those forty Novembers go?

I haven’t written a post of late because I have been mulling over a lot of stuff.

Poor Zush is hanging in there to the best of her ability.I start my physical therapy for my tendonopothy on Wednesday.My family is pretty much gone their on their own, so my days of making Thanksgiving are long gone.This week I was informed of three passings of friends and family.We are traveling up to the city for the holiday, as Jim’s Mom turns 98 on the 22nd.

As Simon and Garfunkel used to sing.”And the leaves that are green turn to brown.”


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Sixty two year old married female, care-giving, coffee-drinking.dog loving former government employee who is writing to try to keep her sanity.

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