Night Climb


We went to the Cape May Lighthouse tonight after Mass.

It is the New Jersey Lighthouse Challenge weekend, and back in the day, we would have participated, but as we are slowing down a little, I thought that a moonlight climb was a pretty good deal.


We got there just a hair over sunset, but I still managed to get some colorful pictures of the bay as the remainder of the sky was still on fire.We were able to appreciate the change in the light, as we also managed to get some great shots of the full moon overlooking the ponds of the Cape May state park, which is where the lighthouse is located at.


The only other lighthouse to offer a night climb, which is usually when it is a full moon during the lighthouse challenge is Barnegat Lighthouse.That is located roughly 60+ miles away from us.It truly offers you a new perspective on the ocean when you reflect on the reflection of the full moon on the water.

I was glad we went and participated:it was fun!