Hurricane Matthew

It’s the scary time of the year, and I am not referring to Halloween.

As I type this, Governor Rick Scott of Florida is issuing an update on Hurricane Matthew, including housing, mandatory evacuations, traffic, gauging, …I could go on and on.I am working my prayers for all concerned down there,as I can’t even fathom what is going on there.

In the meanwhile, things are kind of quiet here** knock wood**.

You can tell it’s October because I managed two things.


I managed to get Kasia and Zush to both sit for a picture with the pumpkin.

I also managed to get my mums.


Stay safe where ever you are!


The Haircut from Hell

My buddy who normally cuts my hair, imagine this, had to have her knee replaced. Joke’s on me, right?

I have had a pretty nice haircut ever since I’ve been getting my hair done here.No complaints. But when you are used to someone who knows your head, someone reading off a card has no clue.She made my bangs look like a little Dutch boy.The idea was I have a long face. I don’t need to look like I have a fat face.I like my hair short and tapered. This cut I got today will have me running somewhere else in 3 weeks to get it fixed. I had texted my buddy and the only words of comfort she could give me is that it’ll grow back. **sigh**

Brown bag, anyone?