Outdoor Living

I am sitting outside with Zush. Jim and Kasia are out walking at the bay. Yes, the rain finally stopped and things were pretty good until 4pm.

What’s with a 4pm witching hour?

Our power is out. No hurricane, no severe storm warning …our power went out! It would appear a utility pole was run into by a car.The guys Atlantic City Electric sent to fix that, well….I guess they figured it was a good time to put the whole area out. Allegedly Atlantic City electric claims power will be back by 7.

Here’s my bestie,Zush, keeping Mom company while I read and listen to Ryan Howard’s last game as a Phillie and read my book.

Emergency candle, anyone?


Status Quo

We have had a ton of rain over the past few days.

The girls are living together,but I have learned I put a four-pawed mother’s instinct out and make sure everyone is working and playing well with others**insert Kasia’s name here**.


The one thing that I find amusing is that Zush’s foster mom, Kathy,suggested to keep a squirt bottle to help break apart any future altercations. Whenever I would get down with them to the beach,Zush is always the swimmer. Kasia would go into the water to chase something, and is was if she realized her paws and legs were wet, and out she instantly came running.A water bottle, I hope, will help keep us in a status quo situation.


Something I am a little sad about is that the feast day of Saint Francis of Assisi is coming up and I had missed the announcement if my parish is blessing the animals.Of course, I realized it today when the parish office was closed.For the past two years, I managed to get the girls down there and they got blessed. If, for some reason, we can’t make tomorrow or they aren’t having it, well, I have some holy oil and holy water, and I guess I’ll ask God if it’s ok for me to do it.I know He has cut me a lot of slack, but in the light of the past month here, I think both the girls need it.


Keep some prayers and through some good karma this way.Peace, in my lifetime,would be marvelous here.