Older than Dirt

I am one of the few people I know who still wear a watch. This is why I term myself,”Older than Dirt.”

People today refer to their phone or orher electronic devices for telling time. Well, my allegiance goes to my Timex Indiglo, which was my buddy whenever I was in the hospital for chemo. There was nothing, IMHO, than being awake at 1 or 2 am and not being able to see what the time was. That is why I had an Indiglo.

Now, fast-forward 30 odd years to a new city and state, and try finding a new battery without traveling 10 counties over. Oh sure, I can go into beautiful, touristy Cape May, where the battery will be as low as $10 or high as $20.Seriously.

I found a battery center right by my school, and it is right up my retired alley:$5 for a Timex watch battery.

Nice to see the old folks like me can catch a break,at least once in a while.


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Sixty two year old married female, care-giving, coffee-drinking.dog loving former government employee who is writing to try to keep her sanity.

2 thoughts on “Older than Dirt”

  1. I have several watches – we are NOT OLDER THAN DIRT! We stock up on the basic watch batteries at Walmart or grocery stores and replace them ourselves. They usually cost $3 or so – for those of us who are still thrifty 😉!

    1. Wow… Our Walmart doesn’t carry them… I just feel older than dirt because you ask some or some one asks the time and I’m usually the one with a watch- the rest check their phones… Lol..

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