For my brother-in-law and sister-in-law to join us as the next inhabitants of our family B&B.

It’s rough when you are leaving the city on a Saturday, as traffic is not your friend. It’s all good though: we haven’t had Joanna and Earl down here in over a year due to illnesses.We really are looking forward to having them down.

We usually cap off our Saturday night playing cards , having some drinks and snacks, and laughing hysterically!It’s a given that it’s rough start to Sunday morning.


Sorry, I can’t hear you…

So I bought a new Apple iPhone SE from Verizon, my carrier.

Usually I switch the phones off, and Jim now has my iPhone 6.What a hoot. I consider my self experienced with switching the phones over enough by now, so when issues came up, I bypassed Verizon and went straight to Apple.

Having worked customer service,and knowing my problem wasn’t going to be easily solved, I poured a glass of wine and pulled up a chair.Diana, a senior representative out of Oregon for Apple took her time and between the two of us, we solved our issues.

Thank God I bypassed Verizon: I’d probably still be on the phone. If you have any issues with me complaining about this, I used to work for Bell Telephone a long time ago, so I know the staffing issues.

Apple rocks!