Take That, Fit Bit!

When I awoke this morning, I got a treat.

A front moved through, and there was a breeze.

Well,as of 4:08PM, I have 13,800 steps.Despite the loss of the 5,000 steps yesterday,I managed to make it past 10,000.That was a little bit of a struggle, but I did it.

It came as a great surprise when I met up with a neighbor this morning after Mass, and we took Kasia with us for a three mile walk.We really breezed through it, even though I had guilt that I left Zush at home: I didn’t feel right leaving her back but I want her to be ok, so we are taking basic walks so she can take care of business.I am selfish and I want her around for as long as possible. Windows were open, fans were on, and I left her a treat, so she was good.

Now all I have to do is go shopping for new fit bit batteries to keep in the refrigerator….


Reading the Fine Print

I got up this morning got myself dressed and his usual made sure I had my fit bit zip on.

What I didn’t realize was the battery symbol on the fit bit zip was flashing that it was running out of juice. I had taken the girls for their morning walk did things around the house and proceeded to go down to our local street fair which is called “Whale of a Day”, as in the 1600s our town of Townbank was a whaling community.

The problem was I had walked around 5100 steps then I realized the battery was going dead.What they don’t have in bold print, is that if you change an almost dead battery, YOU LOSE ALL THE STEPS YOU HAVE RECORDED ON YOUR ZIP.



THEM…for that day that, at least.

So technically I have wrapped up the day with 10,221 steps, when I should have roughly 15,700 steps. I spent time on the phone with Alex from FitBit but, no luck in that.

Walker with FitBit beware!