Not Quite a 4th

It’s only the 3rd of July, but most of the homes here,as I like to call, Amity, look like this picture of my neighbor’s house;that is, all decked out in red, white and blue.

Here’s hoping you and your families are happy, blessed, and safe this weekend. Please keep in mind, somehow, maybe your neighbor like me, had pups who hate fireworks. Go see your community fireworks or shoot yours away from pup homes. We thank you!

It’s Here…

We actually were treated to a little bit of a breeze today, and what a welcome surprise that was! I actually was able to walk my girls down to the beach.

The girls were looking at the water wondering if they should go in. They really haven’t had a chance to be at the bay since I started working.

Tomorrow will be rough. I will shut all the windows and put the air-conditioner on and put the tv on as loud as possible in order to save my girls from the”F” word-fireworks!