Special Guest Star

Vacation season has started!

Jim’s 97 year old Mom is our first guest of the season. She is here with us for the week. I have had her for a visit with my best buddy down here yesterday, and my pal from down the street may come up for afternoon tea today.

We’re happy to have her.

Just Rough

It has been a hard weekend for me.

I miss school already: wondering WHY my school teacher buddies didn’t give me a heads up on this? In the meanwhile,I’ve decided to get my coughing to Olympic caliber and my sinuses are following the route.

Tomorrow is Father’s Day.My Dad passed away on August 24,1998.

What can I say? At 56 I shouldn’t feel quite so bad but I do.Hopefully, I will shake it off with the girls.They have been quite generous with their love this afternoon, and I am so blessed. Tomorrow will be a little better of a day.



The children who don’t want to be in first grade are acting up.

The angst they feel is only the beginning,for they have the rest of their lives ahead of them.

Some aides are rough and I am sure they won’t be missed.Hopefully I will be one that’s missed.

My Student, My Friend

My one student who I had been helping out a lot had lunch with us today. The lunch aides were out since it is the last week of school. As a result, the class and teachers all ate together in the classroom.

So my buddy opens his lunch kit and I pull my lunch out of my bag. I pull out my peanut butter and jelly sandwich and I had some cheese balls to snack on the side. My student had Capri sun and the same exact lunch!

His twin brother had the same lunch and wanted me to take a picture of HIS lunch. I teased him,as he had cheese popcorn, not cheese balls like his brother and I did. I relented and took this shot.

I’ll miss my guys.

Last Week/First Week

It’s the last week of school and such a bittersweet time for me. On Friday, I found out one of my associates is getting transferred to another school where her student will be in first grade.

Where we work is a great spot, and my co-worker is justifiably sad.People are actually caring of others where I work. There is none of the politicking that happens at other places. I just hope they kind of over-look me and leave me where I am.

Friday is my day off.

Saturday my vacation commences with my mother-in-law, who is 97, coming to stay with us for a week here.Hopefully everything will begged and she will enjoy staying with us.


Below is a shot of Jim and my mother-in-law from 7 years ago on her visit down here.