Breck Girl

For those who remember the 70’s, you remember the Breck Girl who graced many a back cover of Glamour or Seventeen magazine.

Here is’s Zushie girl’s before shot.

Granted, this is not a full body shot, but here she is post-shampoo and Furminator treatment. They blew that winter coat out , got some dirt off the fur, and now she looks and feels like a million!

Love her and the sister to death💚💚🐶#MYBFFS

Joys of June

Cleaning out pre-school books, playing bingo with Marian the magnificent, as we had no cage for balls and I had to come up with numbers out of my head.The boys enjoyed it, especially that we used goldfish crackers for markers

Even with their educational problems,I have hope for their future with 10 days and counting. I know they’ll be leaving with my prayers .

I only hope that they’ll remember me fondly.