Is it Spring or Summer?

We have had some humidity here for a few days, then, out of nowhere, cooling breezes come out of nowhere.

I have to make sure that the flowers I have planted have water, on occasions that we might actually get to go out on a non-rainy weekend day. For instance, Zush has an appointment at Pet Smart tomorrow for grooming.When the days were so humid, it was a sin for her, as I had not had her coat blown out yet and I KNOW she was uncomfortable.Tomorrow we will remedy it.

They claim one of the weekend days here will be wet: which one is anyone’s guess.



I am watching the Decades channel.

It is a “free” station, and it is pretty good,from a historical student such as me.For instance, right now, they are showing a Dick Cavett interview from the seventies with Brian De Palma and Martin Scorcese.To have to award-winning directors on one show with a quick-witted guy has been a highlight for my day.


It strikes me as incredible, once again, for all the money that we spend on Comcast, I find some marvelous programming on the “free”channels.

Go figure.