Dear King of Cutthroat Kitchen Alton Brown

Yes, It’s me,your Twitter friend “Zushies Mom”

Thought I’d drop you a line to let you know I am going to see you in Atlantic City Friday Night at the Caesar’s Theater.There’s only one issue.

I’ll be sitting in the center section up a bit in row 524. Where I come from, I believe they would call it a ” nosebleed” seat.

In honor of the late CTK show, I’ll be wearing my blue, albeit sea glass, ball earrings along with my outfit. I just wanted you to know I’d be cheering the loudest I can down from the top of the bleachers.



Spring is Here.

..or so Jim has announced.Today he announced that tonight was the last 30-ish degree night and,our heating bill is supposed to get a respite.

I don’t know about that though. I am sitting here at the computer in my winter bathrobe snuggled up,and thinking maybe, hot tea is the way to go tonight.

Sure, pollen is all around,forsythia is blooming along with the trees, but, hey.Give me a good 50 degree day any day of the week.

Here’s hoping your week gets better!