You can’t go home again

1. My childhood home is knocked down due to it and the rest of the row sinking.

2.My neighborhood where I grew up? Pretty stable but the former Knights of Columbus building is now a nail salon.

3. I still know where to get the best hoagie-T and F on Ridge Avenue.

4.I just want to be at my home in another state.The girls like visiting but are ready to go home.

5.Going home makes me appreciate our home. I don’t make a post with errors while riding in the car ….



April Fools Day

It makes me really miss my Mom, as no matter how old I got, she always tried to celebrate April Fools Day with a little prank.

For instance, when I was in grammar school, I’d come down the steps wearing my school uniform, and walk into the kitchen where she was making breakfast.We would start talking and she’d say, in the course of conversation, “Get upstairs and change-what is that on your uniform?” Oh my God? A stained, ripped or torn uniform or uniform blouse? I’d yell where and she’d go to show me…followed by”April Fool!”

I miss those days and Mom.

Hey Mom? “What’s that on your halo?”.. Lol..I love you and miss you every day, and that’s no April Fool!