It’s that time of year….

I am finding myself once again at board worker training for working the polls. You are only supposed to be subjected to this every two years.Well, because I came in last year, I had to come back in “on” the two year cycle.

I can’t imagine what has changed since the November election, although it has been my experience that the presidential elections bring out a bunch of folks. It is still weird for me.I am used to a May primary, not a June primary.I guess the longer I am here I’ll be used to it.

Hopefully the best person will win!


Major Warming Trend


That’s right.

It was 70 for Christmas Eve and this morning I woke up to snow. Thank you global warming…NOT.

I moved my geraniums out and hopefully managed to save them in time and bring them back in. I don’t know if they’ll have made it.


In the meantime, the bulbs are managing to come out for everyone else. For me? Well, I have Kasia. Put a fence around an area with hyacinth bulbs has proved to be like waving a red flag in front of Kasia…she adores going in there and making a mess. Jim approves, as he doesn’t care for my favorite Easter flower.

I guess it’ll be 80 for Easter.