Still Crazy After All These Years….

Today is the 22nd anniversary of my first conquering of cancer.

My first cancer had me treated with radiation, chemotherapy and a radiation implant.It wound up, between biopsies and office treatments with a total hysterectomy with the cancer gone. Granted I have had cancer after that, and they also were not insignificant, but it only takes one brush to tango with mortality.

I thank God for wanting me around a few more years, my surgeons, physicians, nurses and hospital staff, and ,as usual, my BFF Kate, who kept me going.Always check- it saves lives-I should know!



Day 3

So like a nervous little kid, I am ready for day 3 at school tomorrow.

Of course, I have to watch “The Voice” tonite first.

I went out to Walmart and got my dry erase board and markers, pencils, Star Wars stickers and other things any other class aide should have up their sleeve,I went today and took my picture for my ID tag so I guess I am in this for the long run.

I’ll have to get up early to get my girls situated and give them a ton of love before I go.

Stay tuned.