Nerves of the Super Bowl?

When I get nervous watching the game, I get my coat on and take the girls out for a walk.

Depending on how the game is going, it may be a short walk or a LONG walk….

We spent the afternoon with the kitten bowl on the Hallmark channel, followed by the Puppy bowl on Animal Planet. Zush and I are still under the weather a little, so we laid low today, while Jim and Zush went down to Higbee Beach with Kasia.

We are really not that big on the halftime entertainment, so we’ll be getting ourselves together to take one for the team around the block.It is a little surreal, as I had a piece of pizza and 1/2 and some ginger ale.Normally there is more of a Super Bowl vibe going on here.Hopefully, the night will go well for me and my buddy.She has a checkup with the vet tomorrow, and hopefully I will get through my bug soon enough…