Stormy Weather

So while everyone else in the area had a zillion inches of snow, we had snow, but we had the extra added bonus of….


There’s nothing like being a baby boomer and waking up to realize how dependent you let yourself become on modern conveniences. The power out and you need that morning coffee? Oops, that Keurig isn’t running. Your stove? Electronic ignition. Fortunately, we had battery operated candles, thanks to my sister Julie,to accent our flashlights.

Here’s hoping to some smooth sailing ahead!


Jonas ( sure hope they aren’t talking brothers!)

No, fortunately Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore is not in my front yard, but his buddy Jen Carfagno is-40 miles up the road in Atlantic City.

This winter storm, named Jonas, has knocked out our power constantly. The wind is 40 mph and the gusts are downright scary- they have been clocked up to 60 mph.Due to the full moon, high tides down here are a big scare due to the possibility of coastal flooding.

Never a dull moment! Stay safe folks!

Armageddon,no Snowageddon


So I went with my neighbor to the market today, and the above shot was only part of the melee at the bakery section. I seriously shudder to think what the rest of the market looked like,as the “Snowaggedon”, as opposed to Armageddon was coming.Never mind that if you actually paid attention to the weather forecast, you would have learned that yes, we would get snow,but it would be warm enough to turn from snow to sleet to rain.


We had strip steak for dinner, to celebrate the snow that will be short-lived,and get ready for the nor’easter that will be in our midst.

If you are out there where there is actually snow, well, be safe. If you are down here with me in the nor’easter, be safe.

Let’s just all make it through the weekend in one piece, ok!