Why I Never Will Root From Pro Football Teams Again

I just finished watching the Minnesota Vikings lose to the Seattle Seahawks by one point.


I was always leery about watching Penn State football on national television, as it had seemed when I had the opportunity to watch them they lost. Whenever I would listen on radio, they won.I religiously would catch games on radio.

So my “home team ” fizzled out and I was actually excited about watching the playoffs. I didn’t care who won, really, except for Seattle.


Suffice it to say, I’ll no longer root for a team….. unless I want them to lose.



Saturday Night

I am actually watching playoff football.

My Philadelphia Eagles have crashed and burned, so I am watching Houston vs. Kansas City. Kansas City has the former Philadelphia coach, and there are a couple of former players that went over with him. Houston’s team is coached by Bill O’Brien.I was following the series on the Houston Texans that was shown on HBO. He also took Joe Paterno’s job when he was let go by the Pennsylvania State University in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal.

It is frustrating when you basically have no team to follow.I mean,even though you no longer are living where your home team is from, be it baseball,football or whatever, I understand the agony of having your team crash and burn:it isn’t pretty…

There’s always next season,right?