Sunny,er Stormy Weather

The girls and I went down to the beach this morning. As I led us down the street, I looked over the bay and said,” huh?” 

As we went further down the street toward the bay, the words global warming went through my head as I looked toward the right. 

After all the warm weather we had the scenes in front of my eyes screamed December is here. You can imagine my shock when I looked over to my right. 

You could actually see the line of demarcation on the large cloud, and the picture doesn’t give the full brilliance of the turquoise sky.

This definitely was a unique walk: you know that living by a bay has weather action potential.I am sure we’ll see much more.



So back to the governmental tango I hinted at yesterday.

I had to bring a form that was supplied to me by an agency;in fact, the agency gave me the form. We drove 30 miles and guess what? It was the wrong form I was given. The woman was quite nice: if I got back by 5 pm, she would honor my 9:10 appointment. We go to the original agency, got a second form which the girl had trouble accessing. She, in fact,ended up using white out on it. Back to the second agency…oops, can’t use a form with white out.

I finally asked the woman if I could go home and print it out.Long story short?

Third time was the charm.