Old Softie

People get disappointed in life a lot. It happens, I know.

I am one of those people who try to help those who need help,and as a result, I have my fur girls and am an old softie. I was on my back deck earlier in the week and saw one of my pink geraniums there, not quite hit by frost yet,and to my surprise, it was tightly in bud. How can I leave it outside to die?

I really wish I had a built out window where I could put plants and grow herbs in the house, but we have no room.I remember my Mom’s mom, my Babci on East street, raising lambs tounges plants and African violets, as did my Mom and godmother.I am currently trying to nurse my Mom’s last  pointsettia, as it is,along with her Aloe plant, my last tie with Mom.

Call me old Softie…I am proud of it. Below is a shot of my saved geranium.



Wal-Mart? Are You Freaking Kidding Me?

So, gentle reader, if you’ll think back a little bit you’ll have recalled reading the issue Jim and I have had with Wal-Mart and their credit offer when you get their credit card.

Guess what I just got in my email?

“Enjoy special financing, fuel savings, fraud protection and more. My account
Wal-Mart – Save Money. Live Better. Free shipping. Free store pickup. Millions of items.
Electronics Movies Home Clothing Baby Toys Sports Auto Photo Shop All Departments
Apply Now & Learn More Apply Now & Learn More
Apply Now & Learn More Apply Now & Learn More”


I have sent my posting to all avenues to expose the sham of an offer the Wal-mart does not honor and these sphincters have the nerve to send me this in email?

The fight goes on…..